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RNR Ridge Farms

Our Farm

First generation alpaca farm established on multiple generations of experience in a wide variety of livestock. We know that the foundation of any animal husbandry program is optimum health- gained through premium nutrition, superior genetics, and appropriate environment. We have succeeded in establishing a very solid core breeding herd, and our current objective is on improvement every generation in genotype and phenotype. Our long term goal is to provide genetic foundations for future generations to succeed upon. RNR Ridge farms prides itself on staying abreast of current animal husbandry based on scientific research and technology. This modern approach, coupled with good old-fashioned experience and hard work, is an unbeatable combination.

Our Story

Local Family Farm

From a very young age my passion for animals was obvious. Naturally, that led to joining 4-H in 3rd grade and from that point my infatuation with animals grew every year. As a youngster, I wasn't able to "buy" a winner, therefore I was forced to "create a winner". I quickly had to fine tune my eye to identify crucial puzzle pieces to a breeding program, and master the intricacies of genetics. Today I feel appreciative and blessed by those circumstances. Fairs and livestock shows are still a favorite pastime for me.

Growing up, I was blessed in the opportunity to own multiple different species of animals. Aside from the support from my parents, I also had several generous mentors who enriched my knowledge of animals, helping to provide a solid foundation of general skills in animal husbandry. This knowledge has enabled me in my mission to pass on proper education to other animal owners, further enriching both the animal's life and it's the owner. I am truly passionate about the work I do and am determined to leave my mark on the animal industry- through not only providing quality animals to benefit the breeding programs of others, but also giving the educational tools of best practices and husbandry. This is my way of paying it forward to all the great mentors I had growing up. 


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